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New EGR Valve for 2011-2017 Mercedes-Benz & Freightliner Sprinter 6421401460 A6421401460 6421422380

Model Sprinter Year 2010-2017
Engine 313CDi 4x4, 313CDi OE NO 6421401460
Auto Make Mercedes Benz Size OEM standard size
Warranty 1 Year Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Auto Model 2011-2017 Mercedes Benz & Freightliner Sprinter Quality High
Material Aluminum Alloy Warranty 1 year
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Mail order: Unit price: $450,  deliver within 3 days.

Local pick up by appointment only

Contact: cell 469-426-1315, email: andy@abizu.com

Business Address: 3541 Lark Meadow Way, Dallas, TX 75287.  We are in the north of Dallas, 3 miles east to the intersection of George Bush Toll way and Interstate 35E


Symptom of Bad EGR valve:

1.Your Sprinter van's engine warning light is on.
2.Your engine loses power. You press the gas pedal to the bottom, but Sprinter van speed is still low. Sprinter van acceleration is very slow.
3.Sprinter van runing is much worse when it runs steep grade
4.Your engine is shaking, it even goes dead.
5.ARS or ESP warning light may be on.

Do I need to clean EGR often?
1. Do not clean the EGR if your van runs normally, your Sprinter can clean the soot on EGR valve when Sprinter van  engine is hot for over 20 minutes on highway.
2. Do not idle your engine for over 15 minutes.If you have done so, try to drive on high way over 2000 rpm ASAP.
3. It is often hard to remove the EGR valve, you may damage it if you use too much strength. EGR body is cast aluminum alloy.It is much more fragile than forged aluminum alloy.

How to remove sprinter van EGR from the base?

You can find several methods on youtube. For me the easiest one is here:

1.Get out all the 4 male star head bolts, then 2 female hex head bolt.
2.Insert the male star head bolts into the 2 holes for the female hex head bolt.
3.Turn the first bolt a little, then turn the other bolt a little.Continue this for several times.
4.The two bolts will lift the EGR valve up.
5.Twist the EGR valve, Now you can pull the valve out.

Remember: this method has some risk:
Do not leave any of the 4 bolts on the valve in the first step, otherwise you will break the valve later.
In step 3, Turn 2 bolts alternatively, little by little. NEVER tighten one bolt and then tighten the other, unevenly turning bolts will damage the valve.
Do not open the plate that has two pipe.You may damage the seal and plastic cushion.


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